Save energy using automatic power plan selection

Save power by automatic power scheme selection

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make NoSweats start up automatically at boot?

There's a pretty good guide on how to do this here:

For more advanced users: add it to the windows task scheduler to run at login. This will speed up your boot almost directely after you have logged in. Because NoSweats is a tine executable it loads and acts fast.

Can NoSweats harm my computer?

No worries. Since all NoSweats does is switch between the three standard windows power plans, it can not cause any harm. And even should you set your power plans to insane values, besides some weird computer behavior, no physical damage can be done.
Avoid setting maximum processor state too low and keep the following in mind though:

Whether you use NoSweats or not. always keep your system properly cooled. Some computers are simply not designed to run full speed 24/7.

When running important (background) apps that depend on processing power, you will have to fine tune your power plan settings according to the requirements of those apps so they can always run smoothly.

Always remember that no program can be perfect and therefore I can't be held responsible if NoSweats causes any damage to your system. And when you force the computer in to High performance mode, don't forget to turn it back to regular mode when you're finished, especially if your computer is not designed to run at full speed continuously.

Furthermore NoSweats cannot stop you from damaging your rig by overclocking.

What about my privacy?

NoSweats only monitors mouse movement and CPU load. No information of any kind is sent anywhere, nothing is stored anywhere. So there are no privacy concerns.

Won't the plan switching be annoying?

The plans are switched within a matter of seconds when necessary. They are not instant, to avoid over-sensitivity to system load changes, preventing impulsive switching. As soon as a the correct power plan is selected, it will stay that way until it is no longer necessary. So for a few seconds you may notice the computer being a bit slow,  for instance while opening a web browser with a lot of tabs in one go. By the time you notice it however, NoSweats will have selected a faster power plan. This very much depends on how you configure the power plans, really. Overdoing it will obviously cause more noticeable effects.

My computer runs way too slow!

This probably means the Maximum processor state is set too low in the power plan(s). Don't set it lower than 80% in any of the plans. If you think the computer is being slowed down by NoSweats, try selecting the power plans by hand without NoSweats running and see how the machine responds. There should be no noticeable difference between automatic switching and switching by hand. If there is, try restoring the power plan settings. If there is noticeable change, the slowdown was caused by a setting in the plan. If they are all properly set, odds are that something else is slowing down your machine. NoSweats is tiny and stable and should run for weeks, months, years even, without causing problems or slowdowns.

My computer takes ages to boot

This being caused by NoSweats is highly unlikely. Because it is such a tiny program, NoSweats uses hardly any resources while loading. Setting the maximum processor speed too low in a power plan can cause slow startups though. When NoSweats is not closed properly, for instance when a power failure occurs, it can't select the balanced power plan* until it is started again. This is why the maximum power state should never be set lower than 80%, in any of the plans.

*When closing NoSweats, the balanced plan is automatically selected.

My display keeps turning on and off when I'm not using the machine!

Make sure you have your power saving settings for your displays the same in all power plan settings, especially Power saver and Balanced. When the computer is in Power saver mode and windows decides something needs to be done, it will cause NoSweats to switch up to the Balanced plan while the work is being done. If the screen is set to be on in that plan, windows will act according to the power plan and turn on. This is why I advise you to set the display settings the same in both the Power saver & Balanced plans.

I no longer want to save energy and want to uninstall NoSweats!

Fair enough. All you have to do is exit NoSweats, select the Power plan you want by hand and make sure NoSweats is no longer started up automatically during startup. This basically comes down to undoing what you did to make it start automatically, see the top of this page. Finally just delete NoSweats.exe and any shortcuts referencing it and it will be completely gone. Please let me know why you've had enough of it, just out of interest.

My question is not in this list!

Feel free to contact me through the Support page. Please provide as much information as you can, about your computer and used settings.